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Collaborative Consulting’s wealth management advice brings financial certainty to clients. Our independent investment strategies help you achieve realistic life goals that will allow you to prosper in your financial future.

A spreadsheet doesn’t always hold all the answers. We take time to get to know you and work collaboratively with you, alongside our international investment experts, to ensure you achieve the best results possible. We also provide estate planning and business advisory services. Contact our Auckland-based team for a free financial assessment and to discuss your future financial needs.


At Collaborative Consulting, we believe two heads are better than one. Our financial advisors work with you to build a solid plan based on achievable life goals. We provide financial education to ensure you are armed with all you need to know to safely invest. We take extra care getting to know you first, by listening to your goals and hopes for the future. It’s only then that we develop a bespoke comprehensive investment plan that gives you control over your financial future. Our success depends on your success.

Contact Collaborative Consulting for a free two-hour consultation that could change the way you think about your financial future.

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John Milner is Managing Director and chief pointy-head at Collaborative Consulting and is a trusted personal financial advisor. He enjoys sharing his knowledge from three decades of investment experience and business success. His clients benefit not just from his vast financial knowledge but also his large professional network.

How we get to know you
More about collaboration
How we get to know you


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