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General Frequently Asked Questions

What type of investments do you use?

Once we have a full understanding of our client’s needs, wants and attitudes towards risk/return, we structure portfolios with both debt (cash and fixed interest) and equity (property and shares).

A mix of low-cost managed funds at wholesale level is used for most client portfolios.

Other asset classes including Hedge Funds, Commodities, and Private Equity are sometimes requested but have been rejected to date based on concerns around liquidity, transparency, costs, and a track record that lacks sufficient length for us to review their performance through different business cycles.

What are the returns you can achieve for me?

The evidence is well documented that risk and return go hand in hand. Therefore, both your tolerance for risk and your need for risk is assessed. Once established, we are able to build a portfolio that will meet both risk and return needs.

Based on long term studies, our portfolios provide above market return with low cost strategies. We can provide more than 20+ years of historical performance data once we know where you fit.

Do you charge commissions?

We are 100% independent, therefore we do not accept commissions from any investment providers. We strongly believe independence is important with all decisions based on your best interest in mind at the forefront.

Which is better, Active or Passive investment?

We are avid “evidence based” advisers. Meaning we approach investment decisions based on peer reviewed academic evidence. This style is contrary to the traditional “active management approach” employed by brokers and most other financial planners whereby individual securities and investment managers are selected to outperform the market.

Since the early 1980s a significant body of academic research has amassed to consistently show that approximately 80% of all fund managers deliver below market performance once the effect of their fees and expenses are taken into account. Furthermore, the top 25% of fund managers vary from year to year. This makes trying to pick next year’s top performers a risky strategy and in our view likely to lead to below par returns.

An asset class strategy aims to deliver the returns from each asset class with minimal costs. If executed correctly it ensures investors are appropriately rewarded for the investment risks they take. The benefits of this approach are broad diversification – you will own approximately 8,000 different companies and assets; reduced volatility; lower risk; lower fees, and enhanced returns.

Will I have access to my portfolio?

We utilise cutting edge technology to enable our clients internet access to their portfolios 24/7. This can be accessed through your computer, iPad or smartphone at any time.

What reporting will I receive?

As a provider of a Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS), our clients receive extensive quarterly reports, detailing assets and balance held, performance, transactions, fees, commission rebates and more.

How safe is our money?

The majority of our time is spent on risk mitigation. There are very few free lunches in life but through meaningful diversification, we are able to implement a long term strategy to deliver a return at an acceptable level of risk at low cost. This consists of approximately 8,000 shares and bonds throughout 40 countries.

The biggest risk we see for new clients coming on board, is whether they will in fact have enough money to fund their long term lifestyle.

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